The Department of Anaesthesiology at SUHRC, provides anesthesia services to all inpatient and outpatient surgeries and also supports the multiple therapeutic procedures. The team's primary goal is to make the patients relaxed and free from any pain and stress in order to perform the medical procedures or the surgery. The team of Anesthesiologists provides excellent care with the help of new and efficient technologies and techniques to ensure complete patient safety, comfort and satisfaction- before, during and after the operative procedure.

Departmental Information

The Department of Anesthesia works in collaboration with other departments like Oncology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Orthopedic. The timely and efficient care of the department is engineered in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

Services Offered

Pre–operative check up

All patients are evaluated extensively prior to the administration of anesthesia, both before the admission and also in the rooms and wards. The Anaesthesia plan and the risks involved are explained to the patient and their relatives.

Post-operative recovery

All patients who undergo surgery under Anaesthesia are observed in a well equipped postoperative recovery care unit by specially trained nursing staff under the guidance of the Anaesthesiologists. Adequate care is provided to all the post-operative patients to provide adequate pain relief. The patients who require more intense monitoring for a longer period of time are shifted to the critical care unit for further management.

Pain management

Pain management service is provided for acute and immediate post-operative pain management of admitted patients.

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