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Symbiosis Centre for Stem Cell Research was established on 29th July 2016 under the Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences. The centre is a unique research centre in Pune that will perform research exclusively on stem cells. Primarily several areas of research in Experimental Hematology at a cellular and molecular level would be carried out with respect to aging of stem cells, microenvironment –mediated regulation of hematopoietic stem cells, leukemia/lymphoma biology, development of 3D cultures, mesenchymal stem cell biology with special focus on exosomes and micro-vesicles and signal transduction. Consecutively, research would be extended towards induced pluripotent stem cell biology with a special reference to targeted differentiation towards specific lineages and development of disease models.

The vision is to slowly develop Symbiosis Centre for Stem Cell Research into a “Centre for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine” to be associated with the Symbiosis Hospital. A (proposed) centre of such a kind would facilitate basic as well as translational stem cell research, with the potential application of generating stem cells and tissues that could be used for cell-based therapies.

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India has identified Stem Cell Research as one of the most exciting fields of life science in view of its potential clinical applications. With this understanding Symbiosis Centre for Stem Cell Research will serve in strengthening research in one of the targeted areas as identified by DBT’s Medical Biotechnology programme.

Symbiosis Center for Medical Imaging Analysis (SCMIA)

Symbiosis Centre for Medical Image Analysis (SCMIA) is a joint collaboration between Symbiosis Institute of Technology(Engineering Institute) and Symbiosis Hospital with access to MRI, CT and other imaging facilities. The aims of the center are multifold, however, they can be framed into two major goals:

(1) Development of novel computer-based image analysis methods, and their applications to a wide variety of clinical research studies and

(2) Translate the techniques to the clinic thereby aiding early diagnosis and understanding of the underlying pathology.
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Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS)

Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS) (formerly School of Biomedical sciences) was established as a new initiative of Symbiosis International University (SIU) in 2011 under the Faculty of Health and Biological Sciences (FOHBS) to address the need for a school devoted to training, research and development in the field of Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Nutrition & Dietetics and Food & Beverages.

In the past, scientific research has given highly effective technologies for the prevention and control of human diseases. However, with upsurge of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases; re-emerging diseases like malaria, dengue; and with the advent of newly emerging diseases like HIV, influenza there is an imminent need to invest and add value to application based research in the field of biomedical sciences.

Our goal is to carry out biomedical research of highest calibre through global cooperation and to develop knowledge-rich highly skilled human resource towards the betterment of mankind and its society.
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Symbiosis College of Nursing (SCON)

The global population is rising but the number of health care workers is decreasing relatively. With more and more nurses migrating abroad, India is facing an acute shortage of faculty and clinical practitioners. This necessitates the initialization of more and more educational institutions to meet local, national and global demand for health care providers. Keeping in view the World Health Organization's (WHO) theme of working together for health, Symbiosis trains and develops quality professionals to provide health care services at the grassroots and to meet the global demand.

Through its pioneering efforts, the Symbiosis College of Nursing aims to create leaders in the nursing professionals by providing unique, innovative programmes that are responsive to the market need, keeping in mind the rapid advance in the health care sector in India as well as abroad. The curriculum emphasizes on a holistic approach to nursing care, in order to ensure an all round growth of the nursing students. Student nurses are trained to meet the international standards of professionalism and maintain the highest standard of clinical practice.

The Programmes offered by SCON ensures numerous career avenues for a graduate nurse in the healthcare industry across the world. The SCON has associated with major hospitals of Pune city to provide the necessary "hands on" clinical and para-clinical experience; necessary for the students pursuing this hospital based academic programmes. Symbiosis College of nursing thus aims to create a benchmark in nursing education in India. The overall aim of Nursing programme is to prepare a graduate Nurse to work as frontline worker in the clinical and community field and educational arena.
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Symbiosis School of Sports Science (SSSS)

The MBA (Sports Management) is a unique combination of business skills and sports. It will invariably seek to engender a well-rounded set of business skills laced with the kind of specialist knowledge that will prepare one for sports management jobs. Hard skills will encompass Financial, Analytics, Technology, Marketing and Operation skills while the soft skills will develop students interpersonal, innovation and leadership capabilities. The MBA (Sports Management) will not only focus on theories and ideas but will concentrate on the actual applications.
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Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS)

Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS), is a constituent of the prestigious Symbiosis International University. SIHS has conceptualized & implemented a group of professional up-gradation programmes meant to equip the healthcare professional with the appropriate tools in order to survive this age of fierce competition and specialization. The SIHS encourages a symbiosis of thought, word & action of all such professionals who would address the all important issue of health in its totality. Through its unique, innovative, career oriented programmes, SIHS plans to raise a cadre of professionals who would ensure delivery of optimum health care services.
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