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ICU and ER

About the Department

The ICU at SUHRC is a 16-bedded unit with 6 more HDU beds.


It has 1 Head of Department, 4 full-time consultants, and 6 junior doctors who assist the consultants in various procedures. This team manages the ICU 24/7, 365 days. The consultants are a dedicated bunch of doctors with either fellowship in critical care and/ or work experience in a tertiary level ICU for 3-5 years. They are skilled in the latest procedures like USG guided central line insertion, using ultrasound as monitoring aid in very sick patients.

We have a total of 18 nurses, with a ventilated patient to staff ratio of 1:2. These nurses are BSc nursing and have worked in various super-speciality hospitals before. They have been trained and are apprised of the latest developments and can look after sick patients confidently and efficiently. We also have 4 Patient Care Attendants in each shift to assist nurses, housekeeping staff who look after the cleanliness of the ICU and bedside. We also have dedicated 3 respiratory therapists who work 24/7 providing ventilator management to sick patients. They have an extensively-discussed and peer-reviewed protocol for looking after patients on ventilators, and then weaning them off.

Auxiliary staff like physiotherapists and dieticians with experience in critical care nutrition provide services depending on patient needs. With such extensive manpower, we are ready to look after any sickness with ease. There is good departmental coordination and a very friendly working environment.

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Work Ethos

We believe that the sickest of the patients come to ICU. When they arrive, they carry the anxieties and emotions of their loved ones who wait outside the unit. Each and every patient and their lives are precious and we provide effective and humane care to all irrespective of their socio-cultural/ economic backgrounds. The team works as one force and that is what helps us to deliver exceptional care and results.

We intend to expand our capacity by another 20 beds in the coming future.


The total 22 beds are equipped with the latest mechanical ventilators, cardiac monitors with advanced monitoring capabilities, in-house ultrasound machines dedicated to ICU, ECG machines and a central console from where the patients can be looked after remotely.

The ICU has one negative pressure isolation room and one positive pressure isolation room to cater to special patients who present with such illnesses. The ICU has a very good Hospital Information System (HIS). We have gone partly paperless and intend to be fully paperless in the near future. Our monitoring systems have interfaces that can integrate with our HIS and so records can be kept digitally and safely.

Our Doctors

Dr. Urvi Shukla
Dr. Archana Gautam
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