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Case Study

Endoscopic Skull Surgery

The ENT department at SUHRC is proud to announce the successful completion of an endoscopic skull base surgery. We're honored to be the 2nd center in Pune to offer this advanced procedure. Congratulations to Brig (Dr) Ramakrishnan, Head of the Department, Dr. Gaurav Chamania, Consultant ENT Surgeon, and the anesthesia team led by Dr. Jyothi Deshpande for their invaluable contributions to this challenging case.

Paediatric Eye Surgery Lacrimal probing

Lacrimal probing is a surgical procedure performed to address congenital blockages of the nasolacrimal duct, which can lead to Congenital Dacryocystitis.

Dr. Arundhati Pande recently performed two lacrimal probing surgeries on a two-and-a-half-year-old girl and a one-and-a-half-year-old boy on April 19th and April 24th, 2024, respectively, under general anesthesia. Both patients had presented to the Ophthalmology OPD with watering issues since birth.

The anesthesiologists for these procedures were Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Sapna, ensuring a safe and successful surgery.

Squint Surgery

We're delighted to share the success of a recent squint surgery performed at SUHRC! A 36-year-old female visited our Ophthalmology OPD with concerns about Alternate Exotropia. Under the expert care of Dr. Arundhati Pande, Head of Department, and her dedicated team, the patient underwent successful surgery. We're pleased to report that the outcome has left the patient entirely satisfied!

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