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Symbiosis Centre For
Long-Term Supportive
& Rehabilitative Care

About the Department

The Symbiosis Centre of Assisted & Supportive Care at Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre offers a unique situation where the elderly can be looked after in a homely environment, plus enjoy medical backup and follow-ups as per their needs at the university hospital. Managing elderly patients is as different as managing paediatric patients. Understanding their needs when they are finding it difficult to communicate, and working to achieve the best possible quality for their lives, respecting their choices, and wishes are key to better supportive care. With experts in Assisted & Supportive Care, we look forward to having ongoing dialogues with patients and/or families. Through these interactions and communication, we always strive to give much-needed dignity to patients.


The goal of our Geriatric & Supportive Care services is to Improve the quality of life of the elderly patients. This is done through: -
  • Expert medical advice & management
  • Focus on psychological and social aspects of their care
  • Supporting families by communicating with them about the changes in patient's condition time to time
  • Physiotherapy, yoga, and other therapies are available as and when needed
  • Compassionate and caring staff
The admission to our Geriatric and Supportive Care centre is under the following criteria:
  • Any patient above the age of 60 with assistance
  • Post-operative rehabilitation services
  • Respite care
  • Long term care

Our Doctors

Dr. Priyadarshani Kulkarni
Palliative and Geriatric Care Specialist
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