Patient focused tailored medical nutrition therapy with an interdisciplinary nutrition support team aims to maintain and restore optimal nutrition and health.

Focuses on Nutritional screening and appropriate nutritional assessment to assess and combat malnutrition in acute and chronic medical conditions.

Educating and effectively communicating the patients and their family members about the Nutrition Care Plan for effective clinical management. Establish and implement Evidence based practice, focusing on active participation and conducting researches with the medical fraternity to promote continuous learning and education about various nutrition aspects with an intent to improvise standards of care.

Departmental Information

The Nutrition and Dietetics department at SUHRC offers nutritional services and counselling for inpatients and outpatients and consists of qualified dieticians who are experts in managing the Medical Nutrition Therapy in various aspects of IPD and OPD on the below clinical areas.

Quality Nutrition Support

Our team is strongly supported by Nutrition Support team, which comprises of the doctors, clinical and nursing teams to ensure that patients receive integrated nutritional support throughout. Patient-first and quality nutrition care is the focus for the department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Nutrition and Dietetics Portfolio

  • Nutrition support in critically ill, Adults, Pediatric Patients dealing with lifestyle diseases (diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndromes, cardiac problems).
  • Nutrition Management in with pre- surgery and post-surgery, infections, and terminal illness.
  • Nutrition support in management of cancer.
  • Providing medical nutrition therapy for GI diseases, kidney disorders, endocrine disorders, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, hepato-biliary disorders etc.
  • Individuals requiring nutrition care during special life-phases such as pregnancy, lactation, Weaning Diet, Pediatric nutrition management, Nutrition for geriatric population, disabilities altering nutritional intake.
  • Patients with specific conditions viz. allergies, lactose intolerance and malabsorption syndromes.
  • Weight management, Bariatric Surgery

Our Doctors