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Orthopedics & Joint Replacement services at SUHRC


Orthopedics & Joint Replacement services at SUHRC

The Orthopaedic Department at SUHRC comprises a team of knowledgeable specialists, experienced and equipped to handle orthopaedic problems ranging from simple fractures to complex demanding surgeries. The outpatient department is open on all working days to address problems and pains. Emergency services for orthopaedic and spine-related mishaps like road traffic accidents, domestic injuries and other bone injuries are available 24 X 7.

Our team is well trained to handle complex traumas, deformities due to injuries and infected non-unions of the bones. Simple sprains and muscle injuries are treated ergonomically with good pain-relief, making sure that the patient is back in action and resumes activities at the earliest. Open fractures and deformities of limbs are addressed using state-of-the-art surgical implants. Injuries of the joints and spine that lead to crippling of the patient are addressed with a quick response.

To address joint problems in the elderly, we offer non-surgical pain solutions with physiotherapy, bracing and taping, lifestyle recommendations and modifications, medications as well as intra-articular injections and nerve blocks. Whenever needed, joint replacement surgeries are done in our modern OT suites with the best of the implants available. Joint replacement surgeries are offered for medical problems like rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis to offer patients a better quality of life. In today’s world, joint replacement surgeries are not only done for the knees and hips but are also available for shoulder, elbow, ankle, and finger joints.

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Our enthusiastic young and middle-age population is frequently affected by joint injuries and muscle problems. We offer them a tailored rehabilitation program and arthroscopic surgeries (minimally invasive or keyhole surgeries) to fix the issues and get them back to the field.

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