At SUHRC, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic radiology examinations and interventional procedures with state-of-the-art technology. Our team of radiologists and expert technicians provide the best services with the latest advances available within the field. We have several advanced equipment and dedicated staff working for the diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Departmental Information

Also available is a wide range of diagnostic imaging tests utilizing the most advanced imaging equipment available.


  • Digital and Computed Radiography , portable radiograph in the ICU, wards and special
  • Screening- Fluoroscopy
  • Special Radiographs like Barium and contrast studies , scanogram
  • USG- 2D + 3D , volume probes and elastography
  • CT- 128 multislice CT with dedicated software for cardiac CT coronary angiography , virtual colonoscopy.
  • MRI- 3 T with high-end software eg. perfusion , spectroscopy, tractography, non-contrast perfusion, T1 mapping,
  • cartigraphy cardiac MRI with quantification etc.
  • Mammography- Digital Mammography with Mommotomosynthesis
  • DEXA- Bone Densitometry and Body Fat estimation
  • Cath Lab- Interventional procedures ( Diagnostic and Therapeutic )

Our Doctors

Dr. Abhijeet Patil